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Harley D


Harley D is a sassy and chic girl born in the UK to parents from the Caribbean Island of St Lucia. As the baby of the family, Harley D loves to joke around and make people laugh.

An animal-lover, she’s vegan and her favourite dish is quinoa, ackee and mushrooms. She loves to sing with her whole heart (but cannot carry a tune well yet!) and is a great actress and ballerina – even though she doesn’t think so herself.

She has dyslexia and was bullied about it in the past, causing her to doubt her talents – but now she’s strong enough not to let her previous struggles bring her down. Harley D is the best friend who will always find the fun side of everything.

Please note that we will pick the clothing randomly, depending on available stock. You will receive a beautiful, handmade outfit and matching shoes for your doll.

You can also order additional outfits and shoes in the Accessories section of the shop.

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Weight0.65 kg

Dolls are 11.5 inches tall.


Not suitable for children under 3 years old. Use under adult supervision.


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